“Spidercage” closed-containment, offshore farm undergoes tests

editorial staff

The new concept is undergoing wave tests at MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands).

In November 2017, Nova Sea applied for four development licenses for “Spidercage”, a closed offshore facility developed in collaboration with Viewpoint Seafarm.

In June, Viewpoint had its application for 20 development permits for another concept rejected.

Representatives from Nova Sea, Aibel, Moss Maritime, Aqua Knowledge, Icon Systems and Viewpoint are present in the Netherlands, where the concept is to be tested for wave heights between 8m and 11m high, as well as current velocity up to 1m per second.

General Manager for Viewpoint, Kåre Olav Krogenes, said he was very pleased with the tests so far.

“Both the scaled model and the facilities are very good and we get this test verified that the concept will work as intended even at the most vulnerable sites. The basic idea of ​​the Spidercage project is that all operations can be carried out with an autonomous approach around operation.”

The group in the Netherlands has leading competence in the design and construction of offshore facilities and aquaculture facilities, according to Krogenes.

«Spidercage». PHOTO: Aqua Knowledge

“The facility is very nice and has very limited movement even in high waves. We firmly believe that the production of salmon in this type of merchandise on exposed sites provides good fishing wellbeing and secure jobs in an important coastal industry,” he said.

Better fish welfare
The “Spidercage” operates in open sea with both outer barrier and inner barrier. This is regulated by an autonomous system that ensures that the internal barrier causes less mechanical stress in bad weather.

This results in better fish welfare and protects fish equipment and personnel better than today’s technological solutions. With an outer barrier twelve meters down, this will also provide protection against lice, the developers claim.


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