SSC aquisition significantly boosts Bakkafrosts operations in Q4

editorial staff

Now taking into account SSC operations. Though operations in Faroe Islands increased also.

Bakkafrost, which acquired Scottish Salmon Company last year, has posted its Q4 2019 harvest volumes in a press release.

In Q4 2019 the harvest volumes for Bakkafrost’s operation in the Faroe Islands and Bakkafrost’s subsidiary in Scotland, The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC), were:

Faroe Islands: 18.0 thousand tonnes

· Farming North 0.0 thousand tonnes
· Farming West 13.2 thousand tonnes
· Farming South 4.8 thousand tonnes

For Scotland: 7.9 thousand tonnes

The total harvest for 2019 in the Faroe Islands was 57.2 thousand tonnes, a 28.2 per cent increase from last year, and in Scotland, (SSC) the total harvest in 2019 was 33.8 thousand tonnes. Overall, this is significantly more than the 44,591 tonnes it harvested in 2018.

All harvest volumes are provided in head on gutted (HOG) equivalents.

Feed sales in Q4 2019 were 28.4 thousand tonnes. Havsbrún sourced 35.2 thousand tonnes of raw materials in Q4 2019.


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