Stable development after price rise three weeks in a row

The salmon price flattens out next week.

It is not every Friday that market participants are as united as they are today. Six different industrial sources all say that the price of salmon is moving sideways.

The rise in the oil price, which is now trading at 85 dollars per barrel, has helped to strengthen the Norwegian krone significantly in recent months. This makes it tougher to get customers around the world on a price increase for salmon.[factbox]

“Stable prices, 55-56 kroner (EUR 5.7-5.8). There is always someone who says a little more,” said an exporter to SalmonBusiness.

“It calms down a bit. It is not certain that the super cycle will come.”

Less action
“Yes, it appears to be so. At least stable compared to what we sold at last Friday, which was 57-59 kroner (EUR 5.9-6.1) at 3-6 kg, 62-63 kroner (EUR 6.4-6.5) at 6-7 kg. And for 7-8 kg you can get even more,” said a fish farmer, before adding: “It is still a strong market.”

“I’m not sure. I’ve sold two [trucks] a little higher, but there was less action today than yesterday,” said another farmer.

“Sideways on the smallest sizes, a little down on the big fish. The krone has strengthened, so it is currency-related. The euro (vs NOK) is at 9.70 now. It’s been a while since last we’ve seen that level,” said a trader.

Source: Infront

Few contracts
He mentioned farm gate prices between NOK 54 and 56 (EUR 5.6-5.8) for the most traded weight classes.

“There is not much difference from last week. It is quiet from the market today. People do not stock up on fish at these prices. There are few contracts in the market,” he continued.


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