Stable or falling price in silent salmon market

Average farmgate prices will remain close to EUR 6 next week as well.

“The price will drop a bit. This was expected, after all. Customers will not take positions,” said a trader to SalmonBusiness.

“Especially for 2-3 and 6+ (kilograms), but also a little fall on 3-6 kg. Customers are balanced and do not need much fish,” he said, referring to prices of NOK 62 (EUR 5.7) for 3-6 kilogram of salmon. [factbox]

“There is some resistance, especially on buying big ones,” said a buyer. “The impression is a reduction of 2-3 kroner – on the whole range. Market input says down to NOK 60 (EUR 5.5).”

“We are entering a full week of harvesting. There has been a slight reduction due to public holidays this week,” he explained. “I don’t know how much that has been done yet. We will have to wait and see.”

Others see slightly higher prices for next week’s deliveries.

“NOK 63, 64, 65 (EUR 5.8-6.0),” said one exporter about the most traded weight classes, 3-6 kilograms. “Stable,” he said comparing the prices to last Friday. “But the prices were higher earlier this week, and it has changed now.”

“It’s a little lower, but I don’t think it’s that much,” said a processing buyer. “We bought some at 65-68 kroner (EUR 6.0-6.3). The price was up to 70 kroner (EUR 6.5) at the highest. We bought exactly what we needed for Monday,” he said while he was loading a truck with salmon.

“It seems there are enough fish,” he added.

The interest in buying, at a price level that has raised one and a half euro per kilo in a couple of weeks, is not very high.

“It’s a situation of totally awaiting. There will be little shopping,” told another buyer.

“They have lost a lot this week,” said one of the salmon traders. “There is many more big fish in Chile – 110 per cent more 5+ (kg) than last year. They no longer have available freezer storage. Brazil is Chile’s only real market for fresh salmon. What is the main concern now is not to lose money.”


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