Stable or slightly falling salmon prices after Easter

Small changes for next week.

“People are chasing stable prices – from the fish farmers. It is no problem to lock now at stable prices,” says a trader.

This means prices of NOK 51-52 (EUR 4.6-4.7) for 3-6 kg and NOK 48 (EUR 4.3) for 6+ kg. In that case, it is stable for the third week in a row.

“It looks like it will be about the same prices as last time,” says one exporter. “But it’s nervous, because you don’t know how much volume is coming,” he hastens to add.

“51/52/53” (NOK for 3-6 kg), another exporter writes in a text message to SalmonBusiness.

Others see a slight decline in the salmon prices.

“A couple of kroner down. It is mostly currency-driven,” says one exporter.

He refers to prices of NOK 49-50 (EUR 4.5-4.6) for the most traded weight classes, between three and six kilos.

The bottleneck is the fact that so many restaurants are closed.

“We fear it will get worse before it gets better. Now consumption is going down. We fight with many customers, that is not to be concealed.”

“The big ones are lowering prices and trying to get the most out of the market,” says one importer. “But I’m preparing to more than halve the volume. The market is about to disappear.”

He points out that many processing companies postpone payment and have their credit insurance limits tightened.

“Much of what is exported will be frozen – financed by Norwegians. There will be a frozen inventory and a larger biomass to handle here when we come to the summer and second half,” he says.


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