Stable price for salmon next week

Minor price movements in a market where the players are more focused on the flow of goods, logistics and settlement than price.

The feedback from industry players after lunch Friday is stable salmon prices for the coming week. In fact, it’s the fifth week in a row.[factbox]

“We have some fish, depending on quality and size, but we have low activity. I have heard offers that are both high and low, but we have not set a price yet,” says a northern Norwegian fish farmer to SalmonBusiness.

“We pay 50 kroner (EUR 4.4) for 3-6 (kilograms) in early week delivery. At the end of the week we are very careful. 6+ is at 45-48 kroner (EUR 3.9-4.2). I am afraid that we will get too much big fish in the near future. We do not get rid of it so easily,” says one exporter, and emphasizes that access to air freight capacity is still a bottleneck.

The heaviest salmon is primarily sent by airliners to overseas markets, where demand is currently subdued.

“Air cargo goes with charter, there is not so many regular flights. Some have better rates than others,” he says, adding that “the European market is under pressure”.

However, he is satisfied that the price remains stable, which makes the job easier for the traders.

“I hope we can keep the price between 50 and 55 kroner (EUR 4.4-4.9).”

“It’s a bit up,” says another exporter about the salmon price: “52-53 kroner (EUR 4.6-4.8),” he says.