Stable salmon prices as record-high harvesting volumes cause a shortage of trucks

Sideways price movement for next week.

“Prices are stable. Have heard 47, 48 and 49 kroner (EUR 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8) in southern Norway of 3-6 kg,” wrote an exporter in a text message to SalmonBusiness.[factbox]

“It goes down 50 øre to one krone,” agreed another. “Large volumes out. It is rumoured that fish has been sold at to 47 kroner (EUR 4.6) in the north [of Norway].”

Transport problems
But it is not easy to get all the fish out.

“There are transport problems and a lot of fish. The volumes are so high that there are 200-300 more trucks in salmon freight. And it is very difficult to get hold of trucks. Lots of delays. It is difficult to get hold of trucks that will go with two drivers,” he added.

“There was a bit of optimism a couple of days ago. Then optimism turned. Now it is rather the opposite. Stable to down,” said an importer about the salmon price. “Continued pressure on large sizes. 46, 47, 48 kroner. A lot of fish coming is the key words.”

Others see slightly higher prices.

“Stable or a little notch up. A krone for us. But we have sold very little, it must be said,” says a fish farmer and referred to the following prices: “3-4 kg 49 kroner, 4-5 kg ​​50-51 kroner and 5-6 kg 51-52 kroner, so far.”

“Then I have heard some exporters say there will be 2,000 tons more next week. But if those tons come in the north [of Norway], it will be frozen, because there are not trucks to get hold of. It is completely impossible. Now it is perceived as a huge problem. For next week I have to use a transporter I do not normally use, and I have to pay 17,000 kroner (EUR 1,666) more – to Germany. Usually we pay 35-36,000 kroner (EUR 3,400-3,500) now it is 17,000 kroner (EUR 1,666) more.

“There is a shortage of trucks. We mostly use Norwegian transporters, at least to Oslo. There is not enough material going north,” he said, and added that his fish farming company is freezing some fish now.


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