Stable salmon prices for next week

Sideways development.

“We have sold at 52, 53 and 54 kroner (EUR 5.0, 5.1 and 5.3) at 3-6 kg. 6+ is around 55-56 kroner (EUR 5.4-5.5),” said a fish farmer to SalmonBusiness.

“And then of course you have the air cargo market – which is very strong. I hear 65 kroner (EUR 6.3) for South Korea. The air cargo market, if one has a flight available, is strong. But fewer departures means that a lot of 6+ have to enter Europe,” he pointed out. [factbox]

The largest buyer in the overseas market, China, is not available. And then the supply of flights is reduced.

“I hear it’s like it was last Friday. Heavy for the big fish, since China has been shut down due to Covid,” said another fish farmer.

Several exporters SalmonBusiness has spoken to also point to stable salmon prices into next week.

“It goes sideways. But the bigger fish is falling,” said one of them. “There are a number of farmers who want the price up as well.”

Price pressure
However, one in three exporters said that prices are falling somewhat.

“It’s a little down. I hear prices in England; one must buy at 49 kroner (EUR 4.7) at 3-4 and 50 kroner (EUR 4.8) at 4-5 to have a chance. And 51 kroner (EUR 4.9) for 5+, I think,” he said.

However, the exporter has not succeeded in buying fish at those prices.

“We have given some bids. There are lots of fish coming up. There is a very wait-and-see attitude in the market. It’s not straight forward now. I think there are some biological problems. The [floating processor] “Gannet” is in full swing. All packing plants are full. There are probably slightly falling prices, I hear, unfortunately. There is tremendous price pressure from Poland.”


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