Salmon prices to remain stable for next week

Flat price development for farmed salmon.

“It’s very stable,” says a Norwegian fish trader, speaking about next week’s spot prices to Salmon Business.

“The only thing to say is that we see the 3-4 [kilo fish] supply is growing so that it is adjusted down a bit. Especially in northern parts of Norway, because there are many who are slaughtering little fish”, he adds. [factbox]

“Most are covered in small fish.”

“We find that there is uncertainty about the total supply. This may indicate that it is quite stable from the Norwegian side. We have information that Scotland has a slight reduction and Chile is expecting an increase. We also see that the holiday season in Europe is in full swing. There is a little less turmoil in Southern Europe, and still the industry in Eastern Europe drives “normal minus”, so to speak,” is his analysis.

“We are going into August, and expect a little turbulence in prices as the volume in Norway rises.”

Salmon Business’s industry sources indicate the following farmgate price levels:

    • 2-3 kilos NOK 47
    • 3-4 kilos NOK 53-55
    • 4-5 kilos NOK 54-56
    • 5-6 kilos NOK 57-58
    • 6+ kilos NOK 62

“Stable or down,” another exporter says about the price level relative to last Friday.

Stable volumes
His view is supported by the purchaser from a processing company on the European continent.

“Some have begun to buy at NOK 55 for 3-4, one NOK up on each size, and even more at 6+. It lives its own life.

“Stable price indicates stable volumes. But most packing stations are running again, and it’s vacation time in Europe,” he adds.


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