Stable salmon prices – for the fifth week in a row

Farmgate prices near EUR 5/kg.

It’s going sideways. The salmon prices has been exceptionally stable for a long time. In the course of two months, it has only shown a volatility of 30 cents per kg.[factbox]

“Stable, yes. That’s where it is,” said a fish importer. “There are no big differences in price – for me at least. Very calm.”

High volumes
“It’s going ok. We harvest every day,” said a fish farmer.

“It has been quite stable this week. Some talk about stable price, some talk up a notch. It has not been concluded,” said an exporter and referred to the following prices (paid to fish farmers in northern Norway): “3-4 kg NOK 47.50 (EUR 4.8), 4-5 kg ​​NOK 48.50 (EUR 4.9) and 5+ NOK 50 (EUR 5). In Oslo, it is probably closer to 50 kroner on average.”

“Still high volumes. We expect high volumes for some time to come. It is during this period that most feeding is done. We can not avoid large volumes,” he continued.

Easier logistics
“Customers are satisfied. The logistics challenges are there, but it has gone fairly well. We believe in stability going forward – and slightly gradually increasing prices.”

“Stable”, is the opinion of several exporters, farmers and importers SalmonBusiness has spoken to after lunch on Friday.

“[NOK]50/52/54 for 3-6 [kg],” wrote one exporter in a text message.


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