Stable salmon prices for the sixth week in a row, but challenging for larger salmon

Stian Olsen

One again minor variation in the salmon price.

The feedback from the industry after lunch Friday gives an intense feeling of déja-Vu.
For the sixth week in a row, stable prices are expected in the coming week.[factbox]

“Prices are stable, there are smaller movements,” says one exporter to SalmonBusiness.

“3-5 kilos is NOK 52 out of Oslo. 6+ is 46 kroner. 7+ is at 43-44 kroner,” he continues.

Another exporter reports of “a very quiet market” from a home office with heavy multitasking.

He outlines the following price rents (for harvesters) for fish to be distributed next week.
“3-6 kg is 49-50 kroner and 6+ is down to 42-45 kroner.”

A buyer reports problems for big size salmon.
“I don’t quite know what to say, but it keeps being stable”, he begins, adding that; “6- is also stable.”

“6+ kg. on the other hand is low and the price is going down,” he further states.


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