Stable salmon prices into next week

But import bans in China create challenges for logistics.

“I hear people say “approximately unchanged” on price,” said an importer to SalmonBusiness.

He said everyone’s eyes are on China, which has shut down much of its salmon imports next week.[factbox]

“In China, three regions are closed to fresh and frozen fish. Beijing, Nanjing and one more. Then there will be a lot of relocation of big fish,” he pointed out.

He referred to farm gate prices between NOK 50 and 55 (EUR 4.8-5.3) at 3-6 kg. “But there is a downside to those prices,” he added.

According to Undercurrent News, the international airports in Shanghai and Goungzhou, both important hubs for seafood distribution, have been closed to imports. The reason is the worst outbreak of Covid-19 in several months.

Increasing volume
“It is more like 52 kroner (EUR 5.0), 54 kroner (EUR 5.2) and 56 kroner (EUR 5.4) for the main sizes,” said an exporter about next week’s salmon price.

“There is increasing volume, and I see no reason for price increases as the market is now,” said a trader.

“Last week we shopped a lot at 50 kroner (EUR 4.8) at 3-4, 52 kroner (EUR 5) at 4-5, 55 kroner (EUR 5.3) at 5-6 and 65 kroner (EUR 6.2) at 6+ kg. I think the big fish gets a weakening. It will be influenced by what is happening in China. But there is little volume, it’s all about the main sizes. They are the ones to be sold into a holiday Europe with increasing harvest volumes from Norway.”

“I think you have to think carefully before you send fish to China today,” he said.

He added that the price is stable on the main sizes, three to six kilos.


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