Stable salmon spot prices for next week’s deliveries

Spot prices stay close to the level from last Friday.

“Stable to a bit up,” says a Norwegian fish farmer about the salmon price for next week.

“Same as last week. Mid 50’s. 54-55 kroner (€5.4-5.5),” says another farmer.

Fish in the sea
“There are ok volumes. The market isn’t so strong in February. There are quite solid volumes of fish in the sea. We are happy with every week at this level,” he adds. [factbox]

“I hear the FOB fish farmer price for 3-6 kilos is 53-54 kroner (€5.3-5.4). 6+ is at 53 kroner (€5.3),” one exporter comments.

A competitor repeats his message: “Just what I’ve said in the south (of Norway). North – about one krone lower.”

“That sounds reasonable. But if one looks at the market, it should have been lower,” says a third exporter, pointing out what has risen among the exporters for a long time: Margin squeeze.

“We have many customers at the level that you indicate – they say they can buy it,” says a third fish farmer. ” So far, we only have one sale, and it is at 55-56 kroner (€5.5-5.6) at four to six kilos. It’s pretty flat.”



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