Stavis Seafoods appoints new president

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Company and seafood veteran David Lancaster now at the helm.

In a press release, multinational fishing company and seafood manufacturer Stavis Seafoods writes that has promoted David Lancaster to the role of president.

Lancaster, formally VP of sales, will lead the Boston-based company’s executive leadership team. He has more than 30 years of experience in sales, management and the seafood industry.

Stavis sells farm-raised Canadian and Chilean salmon fillets under the brands, Bos’n Canadian and Bos’n Chilean Atlantic salmon.

As well as handling overall management and strategic direction of the company, Lancaster will also be charged with executing the company’s growth strategy by driving sales, increasing operational and purchasing efficiencies and execution, expanding the brand across multiple channels and growing its retail and national account customer base and product capabilities.

“It is always exciting to announce positive changes, and it is especially gratifying when it is a promotion that is so well deserved,” said Enrique Garcia, owner of Profand Fishing Holding, the parent company of Stavis Seafoods.

“David not only helped guide our sales effort during the worst pandemic in a century, he was the driving force in our pivot to retail which expanded our business, added new key customers, and increased margins. Because of these tremendous results and his more than 30 years of experience in executive leadership, he is clearly the right person to lead Stavis as we continue to grow and build our new home on Parcel 5 on the Boston waterfront. We are excited to have David lead our efforts moving forward,” he added.

Before joining Stavis, Lancaster owned and operated his own seafood business, Interbay Seafoods in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Interbay focused on delivering fresh and live New England seafood and Lancaster headed its nationwide sales efforts. As an owner, he also oversaw operations, purchasing, staffing and all departments to ensure profitability. Lancaster also previously served as general manager for Wellfleet Shellfish, overseeing its daily facility operations and helping the company develop and then expand a year-round customer base.

This is not the first time Lancaster has been employed by Stavis Seafoods. He previously worked for Stavis in the early 2000s, holding the position of sales manager before leaving to start his own company.

“During his first tenure at Stavis, he helped professionalize the sales effort which led to a 50 per-cent increase in sales,” the company wrote.

Lancaster has also served as sales manager for Orca Bay, a frozen seafood company located in Renton, Washington and was a partner at Passport Foods, a frozen foods company located in Seattle, Washington.


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