Stavis Seafoods sees salmon support in Dutch pact

press release

U.S. seafood importer and distributor, Stavis Seafoods, has penned a supply-and-support pact with Dutch wild-fish harvester and processor, IMV Holding, that appears set to move more farmed salmon into the North American market from processing town Boston.

“Stavis will also have access to IMV’s variety of wild caught, sustainable seafood as well as resources to expand its quality, farm-raised seafood product line,” a statement from Stavis said. The new partnership is said to include “financial support that provides Stavis with more resources to position the company for growth”.

Stavis sells farm-raised Canadian and Chilean salmon fillets under the brands, Bos’n Canadian and Bos’n Chilean Atlantic salmon.

“The IMV partnership will increase our production and sourcing capabilities and allow us to target a larger scale of customer while having more control over our supply chain,” newly appointed Stavis Seafoods chief exec, Chuck Marble, said in a statement. After the IMV deal, Richard Stavis stepped down as CEO to become director of purchasing.

“For years, one of our main strategic goals was to become a more vertically integrated company,” said Stavis, adding that the partnership provides “direct access” to high-quality seafood. Founded in 1929, Stavis’s distribution has become worldwide from its fish-moving hub in Miami, Florida.

The privately held IMV is based in Amsterdam: “IMV’s vast industry and fishing expertise includes operations in different countries of South America, Asia, Africa, and of course Europe,” a Stavis statement heralded, adding, “IMV’s worldwide reach will be a competitive advantage for Stavis.”