Steady increases in price as bad weather tightens supply

Matthew Wilcox

On Friday lunchtime, SalmonBusiness spoke to a number of exporters to find out what is happening across the spot market for fresh chilled salmon.

Exporters in Norway are reporting steady increases in salmon prices across all weight categories.

“There has been some cancellation with harvest due to bad weather and this is putting pressure on the prices upwards. Its too early to say by how much,” the first exporter contacted at just after noon on Friday told SalmonBusiness.

Another exporter reported that prices are up about NOK 5 on fish in the 2-6 kilo range, with salmon in the 6kg+ category showing an increase of NOK 2.

According to SalmonBusiness’ calculations this sees salmon at mid-range sizes trading at about NOK 80. Others are putting the price even higher:

“Its obviously up and quite a lot for next week. It will be a couple more hours before we know for sure, but more than NOK 5, perhaps NOK 7 depending on what size you are talking about,” said one sales manager.

“There is a bit more 5+ about at this time of the year, so perhaps prices aren’t as strong as for some of the other categories.”


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