Steel cage to be tested next spring


The pilot project’s price tag is over €3 million, and the manufacturer is in negotation with both Norwegian and foreign yards to build it.

The company MNH-Produktion, wholy owned by the Rorvik-based farmer Midt-Norsk Havbruk, received four development licenses in April in order to develop its closed and escape-proof farming concept ‘Aquatraz’.

Project Manager Steingrim Holm in Midt-Norsk Havbruk expects the pilot cage to be completed next spring.

“Now we are developing the first steel cage, which we are going to try out before we build a new and improved cage. During the project period, which will last at least seven years, we will probably build 12 to 14 new cages before we end up with a marketable version,” he says.

In total, the steel cage will have a circumference of 160 meters and will be 18 meters deep. It will have lice skirts that will be completely rigid at eight meters depth.


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