Steep price drop triggers increased demand for salmon

Norwegian salmon exports have reached their highest level so far this year.

Nothing builds markets like low prices. From the early summer price peak, the salmon price has fallen steeply – over €2.15 per kilo.

This is clearly visible on the demand side.

Highest since Easter
Last week, 24,281 tonnes of Norwegian farmed salmon (converted to round), was exported to the international market.

It is the highest export quantity registered since week 14, the last week before Easter, according to daily export statistics from the Norwegian Seafood Council and Statistics Norway (SSB).

Growing trend
It is also a continuation of a trend. In eight of the last ten weeks, 2017 salmon exports have been higher than the equivalent for 2016.

Industrial buyers show both increased willingness and ability to buy salmon after a drop in prices. The major salmon buyers in Western Europe are leading the trend. Poland, Denmark, France, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK and Italy topped the export statistics last week.


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