Steinsvik CEO: “It became natural for me to step down”

editorial staff

Martha Kold Bakkavig is stepping down as CEO of Steinsvik from the New Year.

It has been almost two years since Martha Kold Bakkavig took over as CEO of the Steinsvik Group and replaced Bjørn M. Apeland, and it was not long before she left her mark on the organisation.

This autumn, Steinsvik merged with two other aquaculture suppliers, Aqualine and AquaOptima, and formed ScaleAQ. From the New Year, Steinsvik Group is entering a new phase when the three companies will merged into one company.

Bakkavig will also resign as CEO, writes both Maritimt Forum and Haugesunds Avis.

“In the merger with Aqualine and AquaOptima, it became natural for me to step down. I want to go back to what I did before I got the opportunity in Steinsvik – to work with board positions,” Bakkavig told Haugesunds Avis.

Bakkavig currently sits on the board of the Kongsberg Gruppen and the shipping company BW LPG, among other things, and she finds it rewarding to work with board work.

“One must work with strategy on an overall level where it is about value development of the companies on behalf of owners and shareholders. I have broad experience in oil and gas, energy, shipping and aquaculture, and I want to use that expertise further,” Bakkavig told the publication.


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