STIM appoints new customer manager

Editorial Staff

Nora Lysø has joined the fish health company STIM as a customer manager.

The announcement was made in a press release on Monday evening.

Lysø, who is a trained aquaculture biologist from the University of Bergen, will be based in Leknes and focus on serving the company’s customers in Northern Norway.

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Her expertise includes fish welfare in deep-sea farming, with prior experience at SinkabergHansen, Seaborn, and Nova Sea.

“Few things are more meaningful to me than working with fish health and welfare. This is where STIM excels, so it’s fantastic to be part of such a professional team,” said Lysø.

Jørn Hanssen, Stim’s sales manager, expressed enthusiasm about Lysø’s appointment, highlighting her knowledge and commitment to the aquaculture industry.

“We now have CustusMVS in stock, the new bacteriophage product against Moritella viscosa, which can make a big difference in terms of winter ulcers. Additionally, we continue to focus heavily on smoltification, which is another of the industry’s central challenges regarding fish welfare and biological results. We won’t be short of work anytime soon,” said the sales manager.


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