STIM concludes a settlement with Cooke Aquaculture over SuperSmolt technology

editorial staff

STIM (formerly Europharma) and US MariCal have entered into a settlement with Cooke Aquaculture following a protracted conflict related to the latter’s alleged use of the patented SuperSmolt technology.

This is stated by STIM in a press release.

Despite the fact that the case at issue had taken place in Chile and Canada, respectively, the case was raised by the patent owners, STIM and MariCal, before a US court. The parties agree to keep the content of the settlement confidential.

“Both we and MariCal are pleased to have reached an agreement that concludes a multi-year dispute,” said Jim-Roger Nordly, CEO of STIM.

Europharma, Fishguard and ACD Pharma joined forces this summer to form STIM.

SuperSmolt and the continuation SuperSmolt Feed Only, which was launched in 2014, is currently in widespread use in all major salmon producing countries. According to STIM, the technology contributes to the production of earlier and larger smolt, reduces mortality, improves fish welfare and produces significantly faster growth after release into the sea.

“For many years we have spent considerable resources on research and development of biologically based technology and methods aimed at improved production, lower mortality and faster growth in the aquaculture industry. It is inherently a matter of course that we are sometimes unsuccessful and are left with little other than an expensive purchase experience, but with SuperSmolt we together with MariCal have really achieved something that has brought the whole industry a long step further,” said Nordly.