Stingray rolls out automatic lice counter

press release

Stingray Marine Solutions launches new software on 150-200 laser devices that can now also assist in counting sea lice.

The solution, known as Stingray Lusetelling, will give existing and new users of Stingray’s laser technology the ability to avoid handling fish to check the status and lice levels in each net pen.

Faster response time 
The software is a decision support system (DSS) that gives salmon farmers faster response time in relation to varying and increasing numbers of sea lice.

The manual counting process involves a lot of handling, intensive work and, not least, the risk of inaccuracy. This will be improved by lice counting on photos taken by the fish when it floats untouched inside the pens. According to Stingray, the software will provide less handling and better fish welfare.

2-3 million euros
Since 2016, the Norwegian company has invested 2-3 million euros and more than 30,000 hours to build a digital platform and infrastructure for the new software.

The customer portal, Stingray Online, works similarly to internet banking and development in fish farms, where fish behavior, diagnosis and lice numbers are made available safely for the individual salmon farmer.


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