Stingray’s laser nodes will now measure wound damage, growth and swim speed for the fish

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At hundreds of laser nodes at fish farming customers along the Norwegian coast, it will now be possible to monitor both fish welfare and growth in a whole new way.

Stingray Marine Solutions held its annual meeting for fish farmers on Thursday at The Mini Bottle Gallery in Oslo. It offered a number of innovative applications and services that set a new standard for underwater knowledge in the industry.

“There were several fish farmers who expressed considerable enthusiasm for many of these features that have already been rolled out or will be opened to users in the current quarter,” explains general manager John Arne Breivik.

Throughout the day, the company was able to present plans for the future, results and development with the existing laser debugging and image-based lice counting services. These now come under the Stingray Luse Control umbrella. It is now included as a software package on all laser nodes.

The new laser nodes can detect wound damage, detect the sex maturation on the fish, follow swimming speed and calculate the growth measurements. These are innovative and will provide significant added value for Stingray’s customers.

Photo: Stingray/Nils-Petter Aaland

“We were excited about the feedback from the participants and it feels incredibly good with spontaneous applause from the fish farmers of Team Stingray when we know how much thought, time and investment has been made in the software development,” said Software Manager Espen Børrud.

The pioneering applications in diagnosis and biometrics are grouped under the Stingray Production Control category. This is available through updates that can be made to all existing laser nodes that are in coastal cages.

“Tesla recently made an update available in their cars that will give their cars up to 5% extra mileage without the need for new hardware. No comparison, but if we are to take that analogy, we would probably have to say that our laser nodes with this have become many times more advanced,” Breivik concludes.

With this recent development and these re-launches, Stingray has once again made it clear that Norwegian aquaculture technology is the world leader and that the company is leading the way with new and important innovations.


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