Stock market dips, but salmon stocks performing better than rest of the market

Aslak Berge

Oslo Stock Exchange takes a tumble.

It began with a deep fall on the technology-rich Nasdaq index. By Wednesday night it had fell -4.1%. Increased interest rates on government bonds, which withdraw liquidity from the stock market, were picked up by several observers as the main reason for the fall in prices.

For both the broad S & P 500 index and Dow Jones, Wednesday’s fall was the biggest since February 9, wrote E24.

By Wednesday morning Oslo’s Stock Exchange’ total index had dropped by 2.8% in the first quarter, led by oil and oil services.

Also the salmon stock were hit. By far the hardest was The Scottish Salmon Company, which had a 5.9 percent fall.

But overall, the salmon stocks are better than the average. Market leader Marine Harvest fell by 1.4% while Lerøy Seafood Group notes a downturn of 2.2%. While SalMar withstood the storm best with only a modest share price fall of 0.8%.


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