StofnFiskur rebrands to Benchmark Genetics Iceland

editorial staff

Benchmark unifies brand across companies.

As of 19th of January, StofnFiskur has changed its name to Benchmark Genetics Iceland as a step in the single-brand strategy of the Benchmark Holdings group, writes the aquaculture health, nutrition and genetics business in a press release.

Founded in 1991, Benchmark Genetics Iceland imports genetic material to the salmon farming industry in Europe and Chile. With operations located in the southwest corner of Iceland, the structure consists of two separate broodstock facilities, an incubation centre and a production unit.

The new Head Office is located in Hafnarfjordur, next to the capital Reykjavik. In addition to Atlantic salmon, it also holds a facility for lumpfish juveniles.

Although the company’s legal name has changed, the enterprise registration number, company structure and ownership remain the same, wrote Benchmark.

Benchmark Genetics Iceland CEO Jonas Jonasson said that the move was a part of Benchmark’s strategy in “building a strong unified brand across companies and business areas”.

‘Maintaining the StofnFiskur brand for the genetic strain we are producing in Iceland is important as we know it holds significant value to our customers,” said Jonasson.


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