Stop selling fish from seafood producer, warns FDA

editorial staff

Raw fish recall – particularly salmon and tuna – for Texas and Louisiana restaurants.

US federal agency the FDA is urging restaurants and retailers to stop selling or buying from Texas’ Topway Enterprises – also trading as Kazy’s Gourmet – seafood products due to possible listeria contamination.

The notice targets restaurants, food retailers and consumers in Texas and Louisiana, after the Food and Drug Administration suspended the food facility’s registration.

In February, inspectors collected 53 environmental samples, 31 of which tested positive for non-disease-causing Listeria at Topway. The FDA noted “serious sanitation issues” during the inspection, and the seafood producer promised to take corrective action.

However, on Monday the FDA issued a warning to restaurants, food retailers and consumers that it should stop selling and discard recent shipments bought from there. Topway now cannot sell or distribute any food into commerce.

The FDA posted a statement that tuna and salmon for raw consumption from Topway Enterprise seafood products, received from July 10 to July 13, 2019, could be infected.

These seafood products may be incorporated into sushi, authorities added.


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