Storm and rough sea stops “Norwegian Gannet” from coming back from Scotland

Aslak Berge

Storms cause delays for Scottish salmon delivery.

The “Norwegian Gannet” harvest vessel does not only collect salmon from Norway. This week, the world’s largest floating salmon processor was sent on a trip to Scotland to collect harvested fish.

Back from the Hebrides
However, on the way back to Denmark, “Norwegian Gannet” was caught in the storm, the tail end of the Caribbean hurricane “Dorian”.

The harvest vessel was scheduled to arrive at Hirtshals with salmon from Ullapool, the Hebrides, at 15:00 on Sunday.

But this would prove to be too demanding for the new vessel, that can transport and process fish straight from the cages without the need to go on land. The boat is 94 meters long and can take up 1,000 tonnes of salmon at a time.

Turned back
“It (the wind) blew ferociously at 22-23m per second and the waves were up to seven metres high,” journalist Terje Engø told SalmonBusiness.

Then the boat turned back five nautical miles from the port.

On Sunday evening, “Norwegian Gannet” was still battling against the wind and waves and was scheduled to try to go to the quay night on Monday night at 01:00. Though according to Marine Traffic, “Norwegian Gannet” is now inside the harbour.

“Norwegian Gannet” in the stormy seas. Photo: Terje Engø

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