Storm demolishes another salmon farm in Chile

Dramatic images from Chile prompting fears of another salmon leak…

A storm has ravaged a salmon farm in Quellón, province of Chiloé, southern Chile. Workers in the salmon industry fear another possible fish leak according to the site

The video shows the aftermath of several cages in the Pelu center, in front of the island Cailín and that are believed to belong to AquaChile.

Reports say that the farm has 24 cages with 750 thousand units of coho salmon, whose weight do not exceed one kg.

There is currently no information about any workers at the farm.

The Emergencias PuertoMontt – E.P.M Facebook page reported yesterday that Company Aquachile has said that that there has been no fish escape. However Sernapesca have also said that sea conditions have prevented prevented them from accessing the site.

AquaChile have been contacted but have yet to respond and make a statement.


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