Storm hit Lovundlaks site resulted in significant number of mortalities

Stian Olsen

On Tuesday, Lovundlaks was hit by severe storm resulting in an accident at the Kveitholmen site in Lurøy in Nordland county, Northern Norway. There could be escapes and the number of dead fish is unknown.

Throughout the night and morning hours, the company clarified that the incident is not likely to have resulted in large fish escape, as the company first feared.

However, the final clarification on whether escaped fish will only be clear once the fish in the cages have been counted, Lovundlaks wrote in a press release.

According to the press release, Lovundlaks continues to work as it may be escaping, and nets have been placed in the area around the plant.

A significant number of dead fish
The incident has resulted in a significant number of dead fish at the site of which that volume is not yet known.

“This is also very unfortunate, first and foremost from an animal welfare perspective, while also having financial consequences,” the company wrote in the press release.

Lovundlaks specified that it is handling the situation on an ongoing basis and has devoted all resources to implementing the necessary measures. Remaining fish in the hardest hit cages will be harvested continuously, while dead fish in the facility will be collected and handled.

Thomas Andreassen. PHOTO: Northern Law Firm

Cause unresolved
“During the last day, a large operation has commenced with Lovundlaks’ own employees and with the help of hired assistance. I am impressed by the efforts put in by the crews to stabilize the situation on the site,” wrote Chairman Thomas Andreassen.

“I am also pleased that the lives and health of the crews are taken care of under the demanding conditions,” added Andreassen.

The cause of the accident is still unknown, beyond the fact that parts of the mooring arrangement succumbed to the forces of nature.


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