Stranda Prolog nets €10 million deal with Australis

editorial staff

Fish processor equipment makers to supply Chilean salmon farmer.

In a press release on Tuesday, the Norwegian company Stranda Prolog announced that it will supply equipment for almost EUR 10 million to the Chilean salmon farmer Australis Mar. “The contract is a breakthrough for the company’s focus on export and new technology,” said CEO Klaus Hoseth.

The contract includes raw material handling for Australis Mar’s new plant in Puerto Natales, southern Chile. Parts of the plant will be put into operation already in one year. Around the turn of the year 2020/2021, the factory will be fully operational.

Stranda Prolog will deliver pump solution from sea to factory, HeliXir Ultrafresh preconditioning tank, bleeding department with HeliX buffer storage, several large HeliX Super cooling tanks, central vacuum, as well as a large water and energy-saving system. The entire reception will be controlled with the StraQS control system.

“This is a breakthrough for our technology,” said Hoseth.

“For decades, we have focused on systems for better fish welfare, better raw material quality and more environmentally friendly production. Australis Mar enjoyed our commitment and focus. This meant that we got a good dialogue and came deeper and deeper into the project,” he added Hoseth.

Australis Mar wants the factory to become a world leader in a number of areas. Capacity will be on par with the largest and most modern plants in Norway.

All the equipment in Stranda Prolog’s delivery will be built in Kristiansund, western Norway, and will be sent by cargo ship in three shipments. These are large quantities: Six HeliX tanks, each the size of a housing, as well as 30-40 containers of other equipment.

The contract represents approximately 50 man-years for Stranda Prolog.


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