Strikes dent Bakkafrost Q2 volumes show latest figures

Editorial Staff

The Q2 harvest volume in the Faroe Islands fell below Fearnley Securities’ estimates for the company’s performance. 

Faroese salmon producer Bakkafrost reported its harvest numbers for the second quarter, announcing a total of 10,200 tonnes of salmon slaughtered in the Faroe Islands and 11,400 tonnes at its plant in Scotland.

This information was disclosed in a stock exchange announcement on Monday evening.

Additionally, the company reported feed sales of 32,900 tonnes in the second quarter. Havsbrún, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bakkafrost, purchased 90,600 tonnes of raw materials during this period.

In 2023, Bakkafrost sold 127,800 tonnes of salmon feed through Havsbrún, which bought a total of 467,100 tonnes of marine raw materials for feed production throughout the year.

The Q2 slaughter volume in the Faroe Islands fell below investment bank Fearnley’s estimates, likely impacted by a 28-day labor strike that began in mid-May.

The fish harvested in the Faroe Islands included those from an area where Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) was detected, resulting in a lower average weight and margin.

In Scotland, Bakkafrost’s harvest volume was slightly below Fearnley’s estimated 12,300 tonnes, achieving 75% of the company’s forecasted slaughter volume for 2024 in Scotland.


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