Strongest ever July for Norwegian seafood exports

editorial staff

Norway has exported 164,000 tonnes of seafood worth €780 milllion in July. This is a 6 per cent fall in volume but an 11 per cent, or €77 million, growth in value compared with the same period last year.

So far this year, Norway has exported 1.4 million tonnes of seafood worth €5.9 billion.

“Growth in the export volume of salmon in July, combined with increased prices, is the main reason why the value of Norwegian seafood exports has remained high during July”.

“Seafood exports fluctuate with the seasons and normally July is our weakest export month. For fishery exports, July 2019 was our second highest July month ever, with an export value of 1.7 billion. This is 5 per cent higher than last year, and just 0.5% less than July 2015, a record year for the fisheries sector”.

“For aquaculture, exports totaled NOK 6.2 billion (€620 million), which is also a record for the month of July. 78 per cent of total seafood exports in July came from aquaculture”, says Paul T. Aandahl, Seafood Analyst with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Norway exported 90,700 tonnes of salmon with a value of €580 million in July. This is a volume increase of 4 percent and a value increase of 11 percent or €58 million compared to July last year.

So far this year, Norway has exported 595,000 tonnes of salmon for €4 billion.

“Demand for salmon continues to increase. The largest growth has been in exports to Asia. This is mainly driven by improved access to the Chinese market. This has led Norwegian exporters to be better able to exploit the potential that exists in this market”, says Paul T. Aandahl.


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