Summer’s early arrival boosted feed sales

Aslak Berge

The sudden rise in temperatures that caused a heatwave in Southern Norway during May, has had a positive impact on feed sales and biomass.

Temperatures broke the barometers towards the end of May after three straight weeks of historically hot weather. The cold spring sea was given a rapid heating – which in turn provided radically improved conditions for growth in the sea.

Fresh off the press statistics, prepared by Akvafakta/Norwegian Seafood Federation, reveal that sales of fish feed increased by 11 percent in May compared to the same month in 2017. 108,000 tonnes of dry feed were pumped into sea cages, and ensured by the end of May that Norwegian salmon biomass was six percent heavier than was the case 12 months previously.

At the same time as feed sales went through the roof, exported volume of salmon was also boosted drastically. Salmon sales (in volume) improved by 12 percent. Fish were traded at such historically high prices that export value increased by a whole 16 percent – to 642.9 million euro.

Trout also benefited from the warmer sea waters and high prices. Feed sales rose 14 percent, while export value improved by 38 percent relative to May 2017.


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