Supplier looks to beat lice by integrating automated feeding into submersible cages

Editorial Staff

Smir is anticipating increasing demand for farming methods that position fish below the lice belt.

Aquaculture equipment supplier Smir Group and Italian group Badinotti have formalized a commercial cooperation agreement for collaboration on submersible cages.

Earlier this year, Smir and Badinotti began discussions to explore potential synergies between their respective fields of expertise, according to a press release from Smir.

After a series of meetings and an in-depth examination of Badinotti’s submersible cages at a fish farming site, followed by a visit to the company’s net production facility in Slovakia, the two firms have formalized a partnership.

Badinotti cage under lifting-up procedure. Photo: Smir Group

Badinotti is known for containment solutions that operate in extreme conditions, including high-wave environments.

This specific know-how attracted Smir, leading to a collaboration that integrates Badinotti’s containment systems with Smir’s automated feeding technology, the Smirfeeder, optimized for deepwater farming.

Smir is actively preparing to introduce this integrated solution to the Norwegian market, responding to the demand for farming methods that position fish below the lice belt. The company is in discussions with Norwegian operators and is close to initiating a pilot project.

For Smir, this alliance is a strategic move to enhance its portfolio with both preventative measures and treatments in the fight against sea lice, according to the release.


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