Survey shock: Is negative media attention shifting public opinion against farmed salmon?

Editorial Staff

Findings from new poll underscore a growing public concern over the environmental and ethical implications of farmed salmon.

A recent survey conducted for Norwegian broadcater NRK has revealed that 37 percent of Norwegians have developed a more negative perception of farmed salmon.

The shift has attributed in part to an increase in negative media coverage surrounding the farming industry.

According to the survey, conducted at the end of February, 64 percent of those expressing increased skepticism believe that farmed salmon poses environmental harm.

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Additionally, 61 percent perceive it as unethical, while 47 percent are uncertain about its healthiness, and 27 percent object to supporting farming companies financially.

A majority (51 percent) of Norwegians report no change in attitude, and a minority (3 percent) express a more positive outlook.

The survey indicates that the elderly demographic, particularly those aged 60-79, predominantly reflect a negative shift in opinion, while younger respondents exhibit less critical views.

Media scrutiny of the salmon farming industry has intensified in recent years as warming waters and increasing outbreaks of disease have to lead to record numbers of fish being killed before harvest.


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