Suspected ISA at Lerøy facility in Øygarden

Editorial Staff

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) has reported a suspected case of infectious salmon anemia (ISA) at the Sauøy site in Øygarden municipality, Vestland county.

The site is operated by Lerøy Vest Sjø.

Lerøy Vest Sjø informed Mattilsynet on June 19 about findings indicative of ISA at site 11758 Sauøy. The suspicion arises from the results of analyses conducted on fish samples from the location.

To prevent the potential spread of infection, Mattilsynet has imposed restrictions on the site, including a prohibition on the movement of fish without specific permission.

Should the suspicion be confirmed, Mattilsynet may mandate the clearance of the site. Additionally, a restriction zone would be established to prevent, limit, and control the spread of ILA.


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