Icelandic salmon sushi showcased at Gastvrij Rotterdam

Dutch wholesaler Jan van As, known for its introduction of Vis & Seizoen – fish in the right season – in the Dutch Horeca (the hotel & catering sector), is presenting sustainable Icelandic salmon at Gastvrij Rotterdam.

“We also have salmon from Norway, but most of our salmon is from Iceland,” says account manager Naomi van Rooij.

Jan Doorn and Naomi van Rooij.

“We buy our salmon from a sustainable farm, that raises its fish in three different cages. The first cage is for the young salmon, the second one is for harvesting and the third cage is always kept empty for at least six months. This way the risk of any form of disease is almost eliminated. Also, the use of any form of additives or antibiotics is strictly prohibited.”

These Icelandic salmon are reared according to Wholefoods standards, Van Rooy adds. “The density in the cages is low so that this salmon has lots of freedom of movement.”

Sustainability programme

“Our products are purchased on a regular basis by our Horeca partners affiliated with ‘Fish in the right season’. They commit themselves to use a minimum percentage of sustainable fish in their restaurants by being partners in our program,” her colleague Jan Doorn explains.

“By participating in this program, they also commit to being transparent about their level of sustainability. We assist them by providing information about the sources of the fish and of course by making sustainable fish available to our clients.”

“We believe education about sustainability is very important,” Naomi van Rooy adds. “That is why we also cooperate with local gastronomy institutes, and with educational programs for the new generation of chefs.”

Icelandic salmon

Jan van As presents its sustainable salmon – and albacore tuna – together with partner company Shabu Shabu, which specializes in sushi. At Gastvrij Rotterdam Jan van As tries to generate interest in the program among chefs and restaurant owners.

“We are looking for potential partners for our program. The cooperation with Shabu Shabu and the use of salmon in sushi works very well, because sushi is a really popular in Dutch Horeca at the moment,” says Jan van Doorn.

“Salmon from Iceland is very suitable for raw use, as in sushi. Because of the way it is farmed the taste is very similar to wild salmon. And because of the way the salmon are slaughtered, quickly and individually, using the stress-free Ikijime method originally from Japan, the shelf-life is prolonged and the taste is great.”


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