Sustainable labelling pays off for French salmon smoker Petit Navire

Thai Union’s Petit Navire decision to stand out from Labeyrie and Delpeyrat with MSC, ASC and organic labelling, as well as less plastic, has paid off.

Lsa-conso reports that the smoked salmon brand Petit Navire decision to focus on sustainability has helped them stand out in a competitive market.

The brand, which produces Irish, Norwegian and Scottish in Quimper, Brittany, France – has just 1 per-cent market share of France’s smoked salmon markets – third behind Labeyrie (15.6%) and Delpeyrat (5.3%).

“As soon as we arrived on this market, we made the choice of sustainability with 80% of our products labelled MSC, ASC or bio,” senior product manager of the Petit-Vivre brand Karine Tafanel explained.

The publication used data from Nielson to demonstrate that despite France’s appetite for smoked salmon market declining this year, products labelled ASC or MSC have increased sharply. French shoppers bought 58 per cent more sustainable marketed fish from the 13th June to the 10th July in French supermarkets compared to the period the year before.


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