Swedish authorities urge people to collect salmon from derailed train – that’s a bad idea, say insurers

editorial staff

Insurance company Wesmans is warning people against travelling along railway tracks after calls to come and get cargo.

Last Wednesday, a CargoNet freight train packed with Norwegian salmon flew off the tracks in Gällivare, Sweden. No people were injured, but there was extensive damage to both the train and the tracks.

“There is a lot of salmon here now, so if you are nearby just come and pick it up,” said Swedish Transport Administration press-contact Lennart Helsing to Nsd after the incident.

Hallvard Klungtveit. PHOTO: Wesmans

Hallvard Klungtveit from the Norwegian insurance company Wesmans, who specialises in seafood export assignments, is unhappy with the call from the Swedish Transport Administration.

“It is dangerous to go close to the derailed train. Nothing is secured on the spot,” said Klungtveit to NSD, according to the newspaper Fremover.

Klungtveit also emphasised that salmon belongs to customers and that it’s important to know how much salmon was transported in connection with the subsequent insurance settlement.

Schenker’s press officer Peter Stangeland, told Fremover that distribution out of Narvik to other terminals will be delayed by several days.

According to Statens Järnväger (SJ), the fault was fixed yesterday.


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