Swedes to power the Norwegian salmon farming industry

editorial staff

SubConnected is establishing itself in Norway to launch a specially developed system for the electrification of salmon farms.

“The goal is for us to contribute to making the Norwegian aquaculture industry both greener and more energy-efficient,” said CEO Emil Christiansen in Gothenburg-based SubConnected. Through cooperation with strategic partners, the company is offering to supply fish farms with high voltage solutions where the specially developed dynamic cables can be laid over long distances.

Christiansen pointed out that a fish farm that consumes 200,000 litres of diesel annually releases 540 tonnes of CO2 from the diesel generators. “With our solution you avoid pollution and you get a reliable energy source,” he said.

Buy or rent
SubConnected is offering salmon farmers the chance to buy or rent the system solution. When renting, SubConnected will take care of everything from installation, to continuous monitoring and maintenance work.

CEO Emil Christiansen. Photo: SubConnected

“We offer rental solutions for equipment and systems, where the risk is for the landlord, and the customers get the opportunity to make easier decisions about the investment,” said Christiansen.

He stated that the solution is flexible as cables can be moved along with the facilities. Furthermore, the system can be expanded and easily be linked to other energy sources such as wind, solar or wave power.

“Here it is possible to build the system out to a complete green ecosystem, and have a solution that is safe for the future,” he added.

Green solutions
Christiansen and several of the partners have a background from Waves4Power, the Swedish company which in 2017 succeeded in supplying power to the Norwegian electricity grid from the wave power plant outside Runde, Norway. Waves4Power is continuing its venture, while SubConnected specialises in developing and supplying energy systems to the aquaculture industry and other offshore installations.

The goal is to deliver the first solutions to Norwegian salmon farming companies before investing in other regions.

“The potential is very large. With the focus it is today on green sustainable energy solutions that are also economically profitable, and that the fish farms are laid further offshore, we believe that this is a right bet at the right time,” concluded Emil Christiansen.


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