Swedish 100,000 tonnes a year land-based salmon farm aims to start production by 2023

editorial staff

Built with AquaMaof tech, it with aims to be Europe’s largest land-based salmon farm.

In a press release, Lighthouse Finance writes it has funded part of what will be a major land-based RAS salmon farm.

“Lighthouse Finance hopes to begin the groundwork in 2021, with production starting in 2023. The plant will be fully built, producing 100,000 tonnes a year, within five years of construction getting underway,” it wrote.

The plant will be in Sotenës, southern Sweden.

Work has begun on the compilation of a detailed development plan for Hogenäs norra, a new industrial site spanning 75 hectares of municipal land. The establishment is contingent on obtaining permits from the relevant authorities.

Founded in 2013, Lighthouse Finance is a global, Norwegian-owned firm with its headquarters in Oslo. The company specialises in raising capital, capital financing and management right across the value chain for fish and seafood.

Lighthouse Finance has financed a number of company establishments such as fish-farming facilities, RAS-systems and large-scale fish-, harvest – and processing plants in Europe, Asia and North America. The firm has offices in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and USA.


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