Swedish land-based salmon farmer Premium Svensk Lax appoints former Graakjaer executive as new CEO

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Founder and CEO Sanja Miljevic appoints Morten Malle as the new CEO as she goes on maternity leave.

In a press release, Premium Svensk Lax writes that Morten Malle has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and assumes responsibilities as of April.

Founder and resigning CEO Sanja Miljevic is on maternity leave and will continue as a strategic business developer when she returns.

CEO Sanja Miljevic. PHOTO: LinkedIn

Morten Malle joined the board of directors in January 2021. He brings extensive experience within the area of technology, construction and operations. He most recently served as managing director for aquaculture at the Danish construction companyGraakjaer.

He was also CTO at Vikings Label, a land-based fish farm project in the United Arab Emirates.

Commenting on the announcement, Sanja Miljevic said: “The timing is optimal as the project now has moved to an operational construction phase and as the Founder, I am confident that Morten with his documented results and immense experience within our sector, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset is an ideal match for Premium Svensk Lax. I am very pleased with the hiring of Morten as the company’s new CEO”.

Premium Svensk Lax has started building a 10,000-tonne facility and said it is the first and only land-based salmon farming facility in Sweden with all permits.


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