Tanker that lost engine power and drifted, saved by salmon farming service vessel

Stian Olsen

“If it had leaked, it would have major environmental consequences”.

The tanker “Christina” had an engine failure off and then drifted off the coast of Møre og Romsdal, Western Norway, on Wednesday afternoon. The boat, which declared “mayday” was rescued by “Frøy Harvest” – which is currently in a contract with Mowi.

Workboat company Frøy Vest who operate salmon farming catamaran service vessel “Frøy Harvest” posted a video on its Facebook page showing the operation.

“The boat was quite close to hitting the bottom, fortunately, “Frøy Harvest” was nearby and could get to tow the boat away from shore,” said Nils Ole Sunde in at the Norwegian National Rescue Center to NRK.

The tanker was on its way from Norway the UK when it had an engine failure at 15.30. There were been 15 people on board.

PHOTO: Stein Olav Sivertsen

“Frøy Harvest” was only half an hour away from the area where “Christina” was in trouble, and quickly came to the rescue and started towing the tanker. Eventually, the tugboat “Vivax” took over.

According to Romsdal Budstikke, there were 400 tonnes of oil onboard the tanker “Christina”, of which 40 tonnes was diesel.

“If it had leaked, it would have major environmental consequences,” guard officer Kjetil Aasebø of the Norwegian Coastal Administration told the newspaper.

VG reported that Southern Norway’s Main Rescue Center said that it could have been “potentially dramatic”.

At 16.19, the main rescue center on Twitter reported that the situation was under control.

On its Facebook, Frøy Vest posted: “The 123-meter tanker “Christina” got off the coast of Hustadvika in bad weather this afternoon and drifted ashore. It was sent out a Mayday, and “Froy Harvest” answered and headed for the call. They managed to board and towed the ship further out. Afterwards, the tug “Vivax” also came and assisted. Important effort, and the crew aboard “Frøy Harvest” showed how good they are!”


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