Tasmania announces funding for 10-year salmon plan to make industry successful and sustainable

Tasmania’s state budget has unveiled funding for the region’s ten-year salmon plan that seeks to make its industry more successful and sustainable in the long run.

During a speech on Thursday, State Treasurer Michael Feguson announced $377,000 (€250,000) to fund the development of the decade-long strategy for the salmon industry and community in the region.

The regional government’s previously announced 10-year plan will seek to improve regulation and transparency, conduct new research and innovation programs and implement a new industry fee structure to re-invest into compliance and monitoring.

“Tasmanians are proud of the salmon industry and we want them to be so into the future as well. The Plan will be centred on innovation, continuous improvement and world leading practices,” the Ministry of Primary Industries and Water said.

The new plan is set to begin on 1 January 2023, with no net increases in leased farming areas in Tasmanian waters, putting in place an immediate 12 month moratorium, as well as allowing industry and the community to identify new long term actions to support the planned sustainable industry.

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The provision of funds comes after a report into Tasmania’s salmon industry has recommended a pause on the expansion of fish farms in the country while an aquaculture industry plan is revised.

While Tasmania’s salmon industry brings in billions of dollars to the island each year, it has been plagued by concerns of disease outbreaks, biosecurity issues and “compromised” approval processes. The inquiry from the Legislative Council committee has acknowledged that the industry faced difficulties as it grew, recognising that it was difficult for efforts to “keep pace with the protection…of public waterways has been a challenge.”


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