Tasmanian authorities approve Storm Bay salmon farm expansion

Tassal and Huon Aquaculture win approval for more fish farms in Storm Bay after six-year planning and consultation process.

Tasmania’s Marine Farming Planning Review Panel conducted hearings into the plans earlier this year, which recommended the State Government allow the expansion according to ABC news.

Tassal has proposed fish-farming leases in Storm Bay at West of Wedge, while Huon Aquaculture wants to expand on 230Ha preferred lease site, situated East of Yellow Bluff, 1.5km from the Bruny Island shore.

Tassal’s chief executive Mark Ryan said that his company will produce up to 16,000 tonnes of salmon per year in the new zone and will start a new a ten year plan.

CEO Peter Bender said Huon would now formally apply for a lease to farm finfish in a particular section of the zone. “We have worked for many years to secure a new farming zone in Storm Bay which will allow us to meet our long-term vision of sustainably expanding offshore,” said Bender.

In a statement, the Acting Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Premier Will Hodgman, said the Government’s acceptance of the panel’s recommendation to “allow the expansion was made after consideration of comprehensive environmental impact statements, public submissions, representations and public hearings”.

The panel had found “environmental effects associated with marine-farming operations can be effectively managed,” Mr Hodgman added



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