Tasmanian government pledges strong support for salmon industry

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Amidst concerns about potential job losses in the industry, Tasmanian Premier Jeremy Rockliff has criticized the Labor party’s stance on stance on salmon farming in the Australian state. 

Liberal Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the continued growth and sustainability of the state’s salmon industry.

Unveiling the state government’s 2030 Strong Plan on Tuesday 27 February, Tasmnian Premier Jeremy Rockliff has emphasized the government’s dedication to preventing the closure of Macquarie Harbour’s aquaculture operations.

Amidst concerns about potential job losses in the industry, Premier Rockliff criticized the Labor party’s stance on shutting down aquaculture on the West Coast, a move that could impact around 400 local workers. “I will not stand for it. We will fight tooth and nail to save aquaculture in Macquarie Harbour from Labor’s threat to shut down the industry,” he stated, calling for Labor to decide on the future of West Coasters before Easter.

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The re-elected majority Liberal Government plans to provide ongoing support for sustainable operations in Macquarie Harbour, actively support expansion into Storm Bay Growth Area and explore further offshore opportunities. They aim to reform the planning and approval processes to eliminate unnecessary investment barriers and maintain a no-moratorium policy. Additionally, the government will not introduce new salmon taxes and will keep the financial model unchanged.

“My government 100 per cent backs Tasmania’s $1.3 billion salmon industry which employs around 5,000 Tasmanians, with nine in every 10 of those jobs in our regional communities,” Premier Jeremy Rockliff said.

Acknowledging the significant contributions of salmon companies to local communities, the government promises to consider these when evaluating ‘returns to the community’. The commitment also includes working constructively to progress the Tasmanian Salmon Plan and continuing regular meetings with Salmon Tasmania.

“We will always support and grow Tasmania’s salmon industry and the economic contributions it makes to our regions,” Premier Rockliff affirmed. “Only a re-elected majority Liberal Government will fight for the future of the salmon industry.”

No legal basis for the Australian government to ban salmon farming says trade body

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The CEO of Australian trade body Salmon Tasmania, Luke Martin has welcomed the policy unveiled by Tasmanian premier Jeremy Rockliff, saying it offered clarity and certainty for the industry moving forward.

“The commitment by a future Rockliff Government to continue to support the industry at Macquarie Harbour is important to everyone in the aquaculture industry,” Martin said.

“The current process being undertaken by the Federal Government into Macquarie Harbour continues to create uncertainty for the West Coast and the salmon industry.

“It is heartening to see a Rockliff Government will continue to support the industry and the work we are undertaking at Macquarie Harbour.

Martin said the industry is committed to working with a Rockliff Government and regulators on the Salmon Plan.

“These undertaking by Jeremy Rockliff, particularly regarding future growth zones, show a commitment to growing the industry and offer certainty to the sector, which is very welcome,” Martin said.


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