Tasmanian salmon farmer greenlights seaweed trial

Cashing in on a “win-win” $20 billion industry.

Salmon farmer Tassal will teaming up with Tasmanian seaweed specialists to trial seaweed farming on across their sites according to ABS news.

Kai Ho (which means Ocean’s Treasure in Japanese) harvests, processes and markets seaweeds for the edible market. Owners Dr Craig Sanderson, a seaweed biologist, and James Ashmore of Ashmore Foods plan to do a scientific trial of farming of three native and fast growing seaweeds -Lessonia corrugata, Ecklonia radiata and Macrocysts pyrifera – on eight salmon as well as oyster leases in the Tasmanian state.

Dr Sanderson told the publication that it was a “win-win” situation, with the macroalgae extracting nutrients from the ocean, enhancing marine habitats, and producing edible seaweeds and alginates for industrial uses.

“In 2020 they are forecasting that worldwide, seaweeds are going to be a $20 billion industry,” Mr Sanderson said.

Talking to SalmonBusiness, Iain Mckellar, owner of the Scottish-based seaweed retailers, Justseaweed said: “Salmon cages do use seaweed to absorb pollution. It’s been used to absorb chemicals and even parasites.”


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