Tasmanian salmon farmers reveal plan for huge fish farm in Western Australia

Huon Aquaculture are developing a 24,000-tonne yellowtail kingfish farm.

The Tasmanian seafood salmon giant is planning to establish a 24,000 tonne, 2,200 hectare fish farm off Western Australia’s Abrolhos Islands as reported in abc news.

WA Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly told the publication that the company signed a contract with the State Government for a lease in the Mid West Aquaculture Development Zone, and would grow out yellowtail kingfish.

The zone is 3,000 hectares in total is in an archipelago of 122 islands off the mid-west coast of Western Australia is surrounded by coral reefs and some existing fisheries.

Mr Kelly said for the first 12 to 18 months Huon would trial sea cages to ensure their suitability for WA conditions.

“They anticipate by year four they’ll be able to harvest approximately 500 tonnes of fish a year … and then over the next 10 years build up to full production,” Kelly said.

The 21 year lease will generate $8 million in lease fees.


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