Tasmanian salmon industry working towards USD 2 billion a year growth target by 2030

One year on from December 2017’s sustainable industry growth plan for the salmon industry.

This Wednesday, Tasmania’s Minister for Primary Industries and Water Guy Barnett released the One Year Review of the Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry.

The update provided an update on initiatives to support the industry’s USD 2 billion a year growth target by 2030. The ‘Salmon Plan’, released in December 2017, is a strategic document outlining how the Government can supporting the Tasmanian industry if it is to continue to grow.

The DPIPWE (The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment) the Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association and the Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council said they have progressed work on a pilot aquaculture spatial assessment tool, which will inform responsible salmon farming development based on evidence-based scientific and marine values.

Furthermore, the report noted that it was seeking future expansion into deeper and high energy waters. It added that the Tasmanian Government is engaging with the Australian Government on the necessary legislative amendments to enable farming in these waters.

The report also added that salmon farmers operating in Macquarie Harbour have commenced developing a Macquarie Harbour management strategy, following a joint venture approach to improve lease management instigated in 2018 by Tassal and Petuna. Supported by the Environment
Protection Authority (EPA), this allows longer fallowing periods for sites and for improved biosecurity.

The document is available in full via this link.