TasPorts rejects rumours of sale to Petuna while admitting to ‘continuing to seek commercial opportunities’

According to Australian outlet, The Advocate, Stanley Chamber of Commerce president and recreational fisherman Bernard Atkins said rumours had been floating around Stanley about the future of the deep sea port.

He said many users were concerned it was going to be sold or leased to major salmon farming company Petuna.

“If one company buys it, it will become a monopoly,” he warned.

Millions of dollars
“TasPorts continues to seek commercial opportunities that enable increased throughput and subsequent investment in infrastructure at the Port of Stanley, including ensuring fit-for-purpose infrastructure for the current freight task” he said.

Atkins said the port was important for both recreational fishers and the large seafood industry in Stanley, and called on TasPorts to keep the community informed on its plans.

“There’s millions of dollars that come in here through the port from the commercial fishermen, and I think everybody has a right to know what’s going to happen to it,” he said.

TasPorts Chief Operating Officer Stephen Casey said TasPorts would, in the meantime, continue upgrading the port’s facilities.


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